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This is a letter of agreement between Play Incubation Collective (PIC) and the theater artist serving as a PIC PIPS coordinator in 2024, hereby known as Artist. Please read the agreements below and sign your consent.


Services Provided. Artist agrees to act as a stage manager/company manager/casting liaison and perform the following tasks:

              a. help cast roles (correspond w/ actors via email, text, phone call etc)

              b. send emails to the cast about rehearsal and reading logistics

              c. be in correspondence w/ the playwright about getting the most updated draft of 

                 the play to actors

              d. Be in communication w/ PIC co-directors throughout the process

              e. Help with set up of space and audience arrival on day of event as needed.

              f. By participating in this project, Artist agrees to use of photos taken during                           reading for PIC website and social media.


Artist agrees to arrive at venue no later than 6:30pm on evening of reading. Artist agrees to not enter the Workroom space until PIC Director has arrived. If they encounter any delays in arrival time, artist agrees to contact PIC Director via text or phone call at 917-716-0071 in advance of 6:30pm. All readings to take place at The Workroom at 33 Hawley St, Northampton. Artist will enter downstairs through the courtyard.


Compensation. PIC agrees to pay Artist a $100 stipend for their work. Artist will receive payment via check after arrival at the venue on the evening of the PIC PIPS reading.

PIC PIPS  Artist Letter of Agreement
Do you agree to thoroughly read and abide by the Code of Conduct, which will be linked upon submission of this contract?
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