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2022 Developmental Residency

Return to Abya Yala
by local playwright Aria "Lune" Acevedo


Focusing on identity within the Indigenous community, Return to Abya Yala takes place in Santos, an imagined San Antonio of the future. It follows the journey of Xo- a detribalized young woman. Xo seeks reconnection to roots lost from centuries of colonization and generational trauma. To the settler’s eye, this future may look like an apocalyptic dystopia, but for Xo and her Indigenous community, could it be the time to finally regain stewardship of the land and heal?


Footage from rehearsal at 50 Arrow Gallery. Featured from left to right: Back Row: Patricia Montoya (Tite Mose), Michelle Falcón Fontánes (director), Nathalie Vincencio (Mama Och), Taixa Lenid (Yareli), Gabriel CiFuentes (Roth), Deveir Cockett (Mantis), Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed (Xo). Front Row: Aria "Lune" Acevedo (playwright), Kai Kahlila (Enza)

Meet the Playwright

Aria “Lune” Acevedo (she/they) is a detribalized Indigenous Latine actor, designer, writer, and educator from the San Antonio area. Her work focuses on the importance of honest and authentic intersectional representation of the Latine. Aria is specifically interested in exploring the Mexican-American and detribalized experience, the Queer identity, and life with mental illness and disabilities. Her writing explores and combines different mediums of storytelling and ritual. She is currently based in Western Massachusetts, and holds a BA in Theater and Creative Writing from Hampshire College and an MA in Teaching for Middle and High School Theater and Special Education from Mount Holyoke College. Aria is excited to share her new play, Return to Abya Yala, this December in Holyoke for the culmination of the PIC 2022 Residency. 


Culminating Final Presentation

ABYA YALA READING (Flyer (8.5 × 5.5 in)) (11 × 8.5 in).jpg

Thank you to all who joined uf for the culminating reading and reception of Return to Abya Yala. The final presentations took place on November 30th and December 1st at El Mercado Hall in Holyoke.

We are grateful to our community for sharing in our celebration of the completion of this 9+ month long collaborative project.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Abya Yala Reading
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