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The Consort

A one person play in development
Written and Performed by Allie Wittner

PIC Mini-Residencies are short developmental intensives designed to help a writer move their work to its next stage. Typically structured as 2-4 rehearsal sessions, culminating in a staged reading, each mini-residency is built around the needs of the writer.


The Consort's PIC History

Allie Wittner first shared an excerpt of "The Consort" in our Spring 2022 Salon open mic, and then shared further as a salon presenter for our Summer 2022 Salon. Now they are the recipient of one of two mini residency spots for 2023 and working to develop their third draft of the piece. Because this is a 1-person show, PIC was able to be especially flexible in tailoring the developmental structure to serve Allie's artistic process. Allie's priority was to have paid dedicated writing time, followed by an opportunity to collaborate with a dramaturg. Allie and dramaturg Fig Lefevre will be meeting 1-1 to develop questions about the piece and dig deeper into the text. This collaboration will culminate in a sharing for invited guests where Fig will moderate a discussion about the piece and its further development. 

From Allie- A Summary of The Consort

One day my boyfriend was at a friend’s birthday party in Connecticut and texted me that he’d met a dog there he was considering bringing home with him. This was distressing to me and I didn’t understand why, so I sat on my couch and started to write. It felt very urgent. In five days, I had a draft of something.

“The Consort” is me telling you what I figured out.

Residency Goals:
I currently have two drafts of “The Consort” and I’d like to finesse a third. My residency includes some dedicated writing time and then a reading where I will get feedback from a group of discerning and caring people.

Once I complete and finesse the third draft with the help of this residency, I’d like to begin workshopping “The Consort” onstage.

The Consort Development:
A Video Journey