At PIC we aim to change...

the landscape of new play development by eliminating the traditional gatekeepers and letting the playwright spearhead their vision with the support of our collective of theater makers. 


Play Incubation Collective is a hub for new play development based in Western Massachusetts. PIC’s mission is two-fold:

  • To provide long-term, process-driven opportunities to develop new plays that challenge the status quo

  • To build a collaborative network of local theater artists and supporters


We aim to revolutionize the process of theater-making, as well as the experience of theater-going. It is our belief that the key to doing so is by going local. We are committed to cultivating locally sourced theater created by and for ALL the people in our community. We are invested in the notion that, in order to create a theater landscape that is accessible, sustainable, and equitable, it must be locally sourced and supported.



  • Raising up locally sourced artistry and expertise 

  • Prioritizing scripts centering the voices of diverse identities- including but not limited to race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and age

  • Mirroring that diversity in our company of artists 

  • Elevating BIPOC representation in the New England theater landscape 

  • Profit sharing in a pay-equity co-op model

  • Creating a familial environment and network in which risk taking is encouraged and supported

  • Providing parent-friendly organizational practices

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