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PIC is a collective of empowered theater artists centering stories that challenge the status quo through a highly collaborative, unique play development process. PIC artists (actor-dramaturgs, directors, stage managers, designers, and more) work with the incoming local writer(s) to identify the most beneficial next steps in the development of their piece: a customized approach tailored to their specific needs. We are dedicated to building long-term collaborative relationships with all artists we work with, providing a safe space to experiment with new ideas and concepts on an ongoing basis. 

PIC artists work closely with the incoming writer to determine the best path forward for their specific piece. Worksessions could take the form of:

  • a single full table read with time for discussion and feedback

  • a one-time look at and reworking of select scenes 

  • getting the piece up on its feet with actors

  • a 9-month residency deep-dive where the writer has a chance to make changes based off of worksessions and then bring the new draft back again

  • an improvisational process to help with further character development

  • a public facing presentation to see how the work sits with a larger audience

We work closely with the incoming writer to determine the right fit for casting, the best approach for worksessions, and the most beneficial group of artist-advisors to aid in the feedback process.

2022 Developmental Residency

UPDATE: Due to unexpected challenges caused by the pandemic, we are extending the submission deadline to February 15th. See below for all adjusted dates. If you submit and we need to move the date again, we will reach out with updated information on our timeline.


The submission period for our 2022 9-month developmental residency is now open and will close on Febraury 15th! For this year's residency, we are actively seeking submissions of scripts-in-progress by local BIPOC and/or queer playwrights only. Submitted scripts do not need to be complete. Playwrights must submit a minimum of 20 pages, and the play’s cast should not exceed 10 characters. For this development opportunity, PIC is focusing on plays, not musicals.

During this 9-month residency, the incoming playwright will work with our team of actors, dramaturgs, designers and more to collaborate on the further development of their piece. All of the participating artists help contribute to PIC’s monthly administrative duties, including the playwright. The PIC team will work with the selected playwright to determine the best approach to develop their script.


The writer-in-residence will receive a stipend to go along with this 9-month residency, access to monthly rehearsal space, and a culminating public presentation of their play in the fall of 2022. 


  • The Residency will take place from March-December 2022 

  • Rehearsals will be held in Hampshire County, MA. Playwrights should expect to regularly attend local in-person work-sessions.

  • Finalists will be notified by March 1st and PIC will be in touch to schedule an interview.

  • Estimated Time Commitment: 10 hrs/month rehearsal time, 2-4 hrs/month admin time

  • Submissions are due by FEB 15TH 2021 

  • Send all questions to and


In addition to our private worksessions, we also host a quarterly salon where writers can present 5-10 minute excerpts of a work-in-progress to an audience and receive feedback through our PIC curated process from our panel of artists as well the audience. We ask that writers attempt to gather their own cast for these presentations, but if assistance with casting is needed we may be able to help with advance notice. Click the button below to submit a selection for a future salon.


We leave space at the end of each PIC Salon for open mic presentations. Similar to the salon presentations, these will be performed for an audience. However, no feedback will be given and you do not need to submit in advance. Anyone attending the salon is welcome to present a 5 minute work in progress as part of the Open MIC.