Piedmont Plays- An Evening of Live Theater and Community Dialogue

We are pleased to announce our first live performance will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 14th and 15th outside the Northampton Center for the Arts at 33 Hawley St. at 5:00 pm. We’ll be presenting excerpts of Darcy Parker Bruce’s “Piedmont Plays,” (a 4-play-cycle developed by PIC) followed by a community dialogue with local non-profit organizations. 

As Darcy describes it,


"The Piedmont Plays are an exploration of what it means to be queer in a small town, and what it means to trade everything you have for a nation's promise. Major themes include building family, searching for somewhere safe, and asking if America's promise is bigger than the idea we have of America. Incorporating major Western Arcana, The Piedmont Cycle is intended as a gift for every queer heart searching for somewhere to call home."

This presentation is made possible in part by generous grants from The Art Angels and the Conway Local Cultural Council, as well as individual donations through our GoFundMe campaign. In addition, we are offering sponsorship opportunities to local businesses.