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This is a letter of agreement between Play Incubation Collective (PIC) and the PIC Co-Director Rachel F. Schneider (dba. Rachel F. Hirsch) hereby known as Director. Please read the agreements below and sign your consent.


Services Provided. Director agrees to accept position as hired and to execute said role(s) as directed relative to the administrative duties of Play Incubation Collective. Duties include creating and implementing all marketing for public projects, coordinating cast and creative team for all projects, interfacing with venues, fundraising to support projects, and co-managing all administrative tasks. Director also co-manages the PIC Advisory Committee, helping to create agendas, task lists, and lead meetings. Director agrees to also maintain the PIC website and social media accounts. 


Director serves in this position from January 1st, 2023-December 31st 2023.


Compensation.  PIC agrees that director will be paid a $5000 stipend for their administrative work.


PIC Co-Director Letter of Agreement
Do you agree to thoroughly read and abide by the Code of Conduct, which will be linked upon submission of this contract?
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