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This is a letter of agreement between Play Incubation Collective (PIC) and the artists involved in the Old Stupid Village Mini Residency. Please read the agreements below and sign your consent.

1. Services Provided.  Artist agrees to accept position as hired and to execute said role(s) as directed relative to the Development Project by Collective and as established in rehearsals and public presentation.


Worksessions will be held on October 1st-4th 2023 from 6:30-9:00pm at Room 413 in the Bromery Center for the Arts at UMass Amherst Department of Theater. Public presentation will be held on October 5th from 6:30 until completion of dialogue at Bromery Center for the Arts at UMass Amherst Department of Theater. (Production team arrives at 5:30 PM and actors are called at 6:00pm on the 5th)


2. Compensation.  Collective agrees that Artist will be paid $20/hr for rehearsal and presentation time. All funds to be paid upon completion of the project.


3. Feedback.  Artists are expected to participate in the feedback and dialogue with playwright during worksessions as needed. Artists also agree to participate in community discussion as part of the presentation on the 5th where appropriate. 


4. Marketing.  Artist agrees to assist the Collective in marketing by sharing the information on social media if applicable and with their own contacts. Necessary links, visual assets, and other information will be sent to all participating artists so that they may effectively market the program.


5. Credit. Collective agrees that Artist’s name will appear on primary publicity tools including website and social media.


6. Copyright. All rights to the developing work-in-progress are held by Playwright/Writer/Composer. The intellectual property remains with the writer regardless of any contributions or ideas made by collaborative artists in work sessions.


7. Personal Effects.  Artist agrees that Collective is not liable for the security of Artist’s personal property or effects.


8. Absences, Understudies, and Covers.  Artist agrees that should they be unable to execute any duties due to illness, Act of God, or disability, permanent or temporary replacement of Artist is at the discretion of Collective. Artist agrees that all such notifications will be delivered to the Stage Manger within three hours of rehearsal/performance. Artist agrees to help find a suitable replacement.


9. Press. Artist agrees to direct any press inquiries to Collective, or seek approval from Collective before answering any press inquiries personally.

10. Attribution Provision.  PIC agrees that all Artist’s names will appear on primary publicity tools including website and social media. For the playwright, in future drafts of Old Stupid Village, PIC asks to be credited in the script as follows: This play received initial development through a mini residency with Play Incubation Collective.

Old Stupid Village Letter of Agreement
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