2022 Developmental Residency

Return to Abya Yala
by local playwright Aria "Lune" Acevedo

Audition Information

Now accepting auditions via Video Submission for all roles in Return to Abya Yala. Please follow the steps below to submit. 

Step 1: Review the character breakdown

Step 2: Choose one of the provided monologues

Step 3: Submit your audition

Pay It Forward Residency

We are thrilled to share that this project was selected as part of the inaugural Pay It Forward Cohort at CitySpace in Easthampton. As part of this program, we were in residence at CitySpace for parts of May and June, culminating in public presentation at CitySpace on June 8th

Check back soon for photos from the presentation.

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Meet the Playwright

Aria “Lune” Acevedo (she/they) is a detribalized Indigenous Latine actor, designer, writer, and educator from the San Antonio area. Her work focuses on the importance of honest and authentic intersectional representation of the Latine. Aria is specifically interested in exploring the Mexican-American and detribalized experience, the Queer identity, and life with mental illness and disabilities. Her writing explores and combinines different mediums of storytelling and ritual. She is currently based in Western Massachusetts, and holds a BA in Theater and Creative Writing from Hampshire College and an MA in Teaching for Middle and High School Theater and Special Education from Mount Holyoke College.




Aria is more than excited to be this year’s resident playwright for Play Incubation Collective where she will be developing her play Return to Abya Yala. The play focuses on identity within the Indigenous community. It follows the journey of Xo who is detribalized and seeking reconnection to roots lost from centuries of colonization and generations of assimilation that carry trauma into the future. This future may look to the settler’s eye like an apocalyptic dystopia, but for Indigenous peoples, could be the time to finally regain stewardship of the land and heal. 

Support Your Neighbors

Check out these wonderful social justice organization that support our local Indigenous and Latinx communities: 

Ohketeau Cultural Center and the Holyoke Food and Equity Collective


The Development Process

Beginning in April 2022, PIC's collective of artists will work closely with the playwright with targeted work-sessions every month through December. Aria's team of Creative Advisors include Michelle Falcón Fontánez, Elisa Gonzales, Jen Onopa, Priscilla Maria Page, and Nathalie Vicencio. The design of the work-sessions will be shaped exclusively by the playwright's needs- sometimes with actors on their feet working through the script, while at other times with designers brainstorming as a team.

Throughout the developmental process, we will invite our local community to view the work-in-progress and engage in discussions about the content of the piece and its development.The next works-in-progress showing will be at our Summer Salon.

We plan to partner with local organizations and schools in the Springfield area for a final presentation of the piece in December. More details to come. 


This work is not possible without community support. We aim to pay all artists working on this project (including the playwright) a living wage of $20/hour. If you feel moved to support this piece and the artists involved, you can do so via the link below or email us at sarah@playincubation.org and rachel@playincubation.org.

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