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Attend the Fall Salon

November 22nd, 8-10pm

10 Forward

10 Fisk Avenue, Greenfield

*Masks Optional

Drinks available for purchase and you are encouraged to stay after the Salon and get to know the PIC community!

Steps to register:

1. Fill out the form 

2. Once you have done so, you will be taken to a Square portal. If you'd like to make a donation (not required), you may do so there. Simply x out of the page.

3. You will receive a confirmation from PIC with further information about the event. If you've made a donation, you will also receive a separate email from Square.

4. Join us at 10 Forward on November 22nd!

*A note on content. As sensitivities can vary from person to person, PIC doesn't typically issue content warnings.. If you have specific content concerns, please reach out with questions.

One of the best parts of the Salon is that the audience engages in conversation and feedback with the presenting artist. Some notes on how we facilitate that feedback:


Feedback is meant to serve the artist and leave them excited to continue exploring their work.
Please respond ONLY to the specific questions posed by the artist/facilitator, and keep your responses brief (1-3 sentences) so we can make sure to hear from a variety of voices.

Helpful ways to start your response: "I noticed...I was struck by...I'm curious about..."
Not as helpful: "I liked/I didn't like...My story/My experience is..."

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