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In 2024, PIC will be holding a free, monthly PIC PIPS (Plays In Progress Series) at the Workroom (33 Hawley St, Northampton) featuring readings of new work in front of an audience. Save the date for the following Sundays for these readings. More information about each play is coming soon.

Please use the downstairs doors, nearest to the courtyard. Outside doors will be open at 7:15 and will be locked at 7:45 so please arrive promptly.

APRIL 7 7:30-10pm Paradise Wrought by Jasmine Rochelle Goodspeed


Paradise Wrought is a queer jab at the creation story of Adam & Eve with influences from Paradise Lost and the story of Lilith. In this telling, the characters of Lilith, Adam, Eve, and Satan battle with the destinies chosen for them and the ones that they would choose for themselves. This play contemplates human impulse, sin, innocence, and sexuality. Is it the fallen angel Lucifer now turned Satan who lead the lovers astray? Or, could is it simply in their nature to desire more? How much more? You can be the judge of that.


Featuring: Hia Gosh as Lilith, Kai-Kahlila Blackheart as Eve, Caleb Koval as Adam, Richard Parris Scott as Satan, and Steve Eldredge as God. Brianna Sloane as dramaturg and Wynn MacKenzie reading stage directions. 

MAY 5 7:30-10pm This is Half a Play by Pedro Eiras in collabration with ChatGPT. Maybe.

A penniless playwright is struggling with writer’s block when he decides to do something he has never done before: ask Chat, an Artificial Intelligence, to assist him. What starts as basically just a new way to google something quickly transforms into a complex and confusing game of upmanship. But then, when the playwright decides to turn his conversations with the AI into an actual play, the very act of creativity is called into question and chaos ensues, forcing the playwright to decide whether or not this creation actually counts as art, and, therefore, as a full play.

Cast information coming soon. 

JUNE 2 7:30-10pm Adults by Maizy Scarpa

In the wake of their mother's death, two middle-aged sisters navigate feelings, friendship, and funeral logistics. For anyone who has loved, lost, and/or "had it up to here" with family, this dramedy asks: "Who are you supposed to call when someone dies?" "Was it my fault?" "Are you wearing my shirt again?!"

Overachiever Maggie is overdue for a visit with her ailing mother, but arrives only to learn that Mom has died the night before. While Maggie pivots into planning mode, making breakfast and to-do lists at breakneck speed, her younger sister Jo slows to a catatonic halt. Unlike Maggie, bookish Jo isn't afraid to feel her feelings—and as Mom's primary caretaker, she has a lot of them! In real-time and through flashbacks, the sisters grapple with their relationships to each other, their larger-than-life mother, and themselves. Will the bond that's tethered them since childhood survive the seismic shift?

Cast information coming soon.

OCT 6 7:30-10pm Mother by Fig Lefevre

Mama is nearing death and she has finally decided what she wants her daughters to do with her body when she passes: eat it. What unfolds is a story of womanhood, motherhood, and connection to ancestors, told in dreamscapes and dough, bread and song. 

Cast information coming soon.

NOV 3 7:30-10pm The Sarahs by Anna Fox

In the year 1919, Sara, a young Jewish woman, works at her family’s bakery in Kyiv, but when the Pogroms happen, the bakery is vandalized and she must flee to New York where her family establishes a new bakery on the Lower East Side. A little over a hundred years later in 2022, her great granddaughter Sarah, is running that very same family bakery, when the landlord raising the rent, pandemic struggles, and someone spray-painting a swastika on the door, force her family to close its doors forever. As Sarah cleans out the bakery, she discovers her great grandmother’s old diary in the wall, and suddenly a new world is unlocked. Feeling determined to embrace her ancestry and visit the land her great grandmother was once exiled from, she books a plane ticket to Kyiv, when Putin invades and she is no longer able to go. Now she must grapple with her painful family history, and identity as a young Jewish Ukrainian woman living in an antisemitic world in a way she never has before. 

Cast information coming soon.

DEC 1 7:30-10pm Jigsaw Harbor by Peter Kennedy

On a small island off the coast of Massachusetts, the residents of Jigsaw Harbor are familiar with love, loss, and death. Duke DeProspero is going blind and suffering from Charles Bonnet syndrome, a disease that fills his remaining vision with phantoms. His daughter, Mira, and future son-in-law, Cal, struggle with their relationship after Cal returns home from Afghanistan, facially disfigured and broken. Toshi Kobayashi, a Japanese immigrant and Tina Turner impersonator performing aboard the Proud Mary ferry twice daily on weekdays, realizes that her legs aren't what they used to be. And a serial arsonist that is plaguing the community may signal the return of something even more malevolent resurfacing from the island's past.

Cast information coming soon.

Roving Salons

In addition to our 2024 PIC PIPS, we will also continue to host our multi-disciplinary roving salons where creators of all sorts can present 5-10 minute excerpts of a work-in-progress (scenes, songs, poems, dances, videos etc) to an audience. Our 2024 salons will not include feedback sessions, however we will reserve time at the end for social gathering and one-on-one conversation. Learn more and submit here.

PIC Salon

A FREE curated public showcase of brand new works-in-progress and feedback discussion with the presenting artists + a public open mic where anyone is welcome to present original works of 5 minutes or less.These gatherings are a great opportunity to not only see our development process in action, but engage in conversation with PIC artists and serve as the first audience for new works. PLUS all attendees are invited to participate in the open mic.

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Present a Piece

Are you interested in presenting a work-in-progress as part of a future salon? We are now accepting submissions for 2024. We'd love to have you! 


If you have a play, scene, musical, song, poem, dance, or any other piece of performance art that you would like to present to a live audience, you've come to the right place. Presenters share roughly 10 minutes or less of their works. We will not hold feedback sessions at the 2024 salons, but there will be time reserved to chat with the audience one on one after the pieces are presented.

This program is made possible with support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Northampton Arts Council, Florence Bank, Nina Dabek and Peggy Shannon, and the Workroom Cooperative, a pilot program of A.P.E. We are so grateful for their support.

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Play Incubation Collective

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