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This is a letter of agreement between Play Incubation Collective (PIC) and the workshop leaders involved in PIC Kids Fall Fest. Please read the agreements below and sign your consent.


1. Services Provided.  Instructor agrees to accept position as hired and to execute said role(s) as directed relative to PIC Kids Fall Fest.​ PIC Kids Fall Fest Day 2 takes place on Sunday Oct 1st, from 2-5pm at Bombyx Center for Arts and Equity 130 Pine Street, Florence. Workshop leaders must arrive no later than 12:30pm for set up and will be expected to stay after 5pm to help with clean up. 


2. Compensation.  PIC agrees that workshop leaders  will be paid a flat rate of $150 (via check). Workshop leaders are being hired by PIC as independent contractors.

3. Artistic Expectations.  The foundation of PIC Kids programming is a celebration of the creative process. PIC asks that all workshop leaders ground their work in that spirit. Workshop leaders agree to guide participants through a creative exploration that will culminate in a public sharing of what they've learned. 

4. Safety. Workshop leaders understand and agree that they must never be alone in a room with a single participant.​


5. Images. All footage (photographs and video) taken during the duration of the program, regardless of the person taking footage, are the property of PIC. If workshop leaders wish to access and or use said media for their own marketing purposes, they must discuss with Directors first. However, they are free to re-share/repost anything from PIC's Social Media. 


6. Intellectual Property. All workshop titles and curriculum were developed in collaboration between workshop leaders and PIC. Therefore, all parties retain the right to future use of this intellectual property, either in collaboration or separately. In the event any party does decide to replicate this programming outside of a future collaboration, all parties are encouraged to engage in conversation with one another prior.  I.E. After a conversation, PIC maintains the right to offer future programming with the same titles and similar curriculum with different instructors, and workshop leaders maintain the right to provide the same programming and class title separately from PIC. 


7. Personal Effects.  Workshop leaders agree that PIC is not liable for the security of their personal property or effects.


8. Press. Workshop leaders agree to direct any press inquiries to PIC, or seek approval from PIC before answering any press inquiries personally.

PIC Kids Fall Fest Letter of Agreement

You have successfully submitted your agreement. Please check your email for a copy of the agreement language.

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