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Thank you to the 200+ folks who joined us for the premier reading of local playwright Nina Dabek's

Invitation to the Dance


Marty Bongfeldt, Jane Barish, Judith Fine, Rachel F. Hirsch, and Sarah Marcus. Stage Directions read by Nikki Beck. Direction by Brianna Sloane.

The reading and dialogue were presented at Northampton Center for the arts at 7pm, July 15th 2022. A Live Stream virtual showing of the presentation was made available by Northampton Open Media. You can still watch the recording. Contact to for more information.


About the Play 

Place- Northampton. Time- 1980. Naomi's older sister is about to get married. Naomi and her partner will attend the wedding, but Naomi's mother, fearing her own mother's judgment, requests that Naomi not come out as a lesbian to her grandmother until after the wedding is over. Naomi resists. Meanwhile, her grandmother has her own plan for the wedding. With humor and tenderness, "Invitation to the Dance" explores family secrets and the possibility of change between three generations of women as each struggles to be true to herself.

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