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This is a letter of agreement between Play Incubation Collective (PIC) and the theater artist participating in PIC PIPS in 2024, hereby known as Artist. Please read the agreements below and sign your consent.


Services Provided. Artist agrees to participate as a reader/actor, dramaturg, playwright, or other theater artist in a PIC PIPS reading. Artist understands that there will be no rehearsal prior to the date of the public reading and agrees to prepare their script ahead of time.

              a. If Artist is serving as an actor, they agree to bring their own script, either printed or on a digital device, to have                               familiarized themself with the role ahead of the reading, and feel prepared to perform it to the best of their ability. Artist 

                 is not asked to memorize the material.


              b. If Artist is the playwright, they agree to work with PIC team to assemble their cast and team. They agree to share

                  information about the reading publicly to aid in publicity efforts. They agree to meet all deadlines as they pertain to the

                  formulation of reading. They agree to acknowledge this developmental reading in future iterations of the script with the 

                  following language, "This play received a development reading with Play Incubation Collective in 2024."

              c. If Artist is serving as dramaturg or other support person, they agree to work with playwright ahead of time to determine 

                 questions about the piece and any other needs for the reading.


              d. By participating in this project, Artist agrees to use of photos taken during reading for PIC website and social media.


Artist agrees to arrive at venue no later than 6:30pm on evening of reading. Artist agrees to not enter the Workroom space until PIC Director has arrived. If they encounter any delays in arrival time, artist agrees to contact PIC Director via text or phone call at 917-716-0071 in advance of 6:30pm. All readings to take place at The Workroom at 33 Hawley St, Northampton. Artist will enter downstairs through the courtyard. 


Compensation.  PIC agrees to pay Artist a $60 stipend for their work. Artist will receive payment via check after arrival at the venue.

PIC PIPS  Artist Letter of Agreement
Do you agree to thoroughly read and abide by the Code of Conduct, which will be linked upon submission of this contract?
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